Face To Face Friendship No More Says Skout

Probably no one who’s been paying attention missed the fact that life has moved itself almost entirely online. Friendship is a whole new bag, and people do all kinds of living on their smartphones. They can get their entertainment, shopping, and chatting up needs met at the touch of a finger. Skout is one of those global platforms that makes it happen. Their purpose is to help people make friends to enhance their social life. Friends can be made locally or far away.

The Travel feature is popular and was used by 16 million people in 2015. The user enters a city or destination for their vacation, and bingo bango, they’ve got friends waiting for them, or drinking buddies maybe. Also popular is virtual travel, where a person virtually travels to a destination, then connects with people who are actually there. Through Skout, 16 million virtual trips were taken in 2015. And San Francisco on the week of the Super Bowl saw drastic increases in virtual travelers.


The producer of The Friendship Blog, Ilene S. Levine, Ph.D., says the need for friendship remains unchanged in spite of changes in communication technology. It is an essential for social support and general well-being. The second annual International Online Friendship Day was February 3rd. 23,000 people took part in a friendship survey that was later released by Skout, and there were no real surprises according to P R Newswire. Three out of four people have online friends they’ve never met, people they feel an affinity for.


Skout, which started out as a social networking site, quickly became a dating platform. Founded in 2007, Skout is based in San Francisco, best virtual and real vacation spot. It now operates in 180 countries, and its purpose is simple. It’s so people can easily and safely hook up. The problem is knowing who is really on the other end of the line. The way that Skout guarantees the safety of its patrons is pretty basic stuff. Some safety tips are listed on the web page. Teenage and adults platforms are separate. Only general location information is offered until authorized by both parties. Strict community management rules are enforced by staff, but Skout counts mainly on peer interaction to police the site.

5 Things Investors Need to Know

Investors like good investing tips. Financial media often post advice. What’s important about tips is that they come from people who have enough experience in the capital markets to qualify to give advise. One useful article, posted by Reuters, describes 5 tips for investing given by Brad Reifler, CEO of Forefront Capital. Here, we recap these and add further explanations.

1. Be careful how you invest. Taking risk into consideration is one thing. But, what also is crucial is the reward. The risk-to-reward ratio should be attractive. (You don’t want to risk losing $1,000 in order to make $200.) Moreover, when investing, look at the costs- whether commissions, fund charges, advice fees. These will decrease your potential returns.

2. Protect your capital. Above all, investors must protect their capital above all. If you lose it, you can’t invest. Many stock buyers will put stop orders in order to prevent large losses.

3. Don’t just invest in stocks. Stock returns can be attractive, but there are market sell-offs and bear markets. Invest some of your proceeds into other asset classes such as fixed-income products (bonds, Treasuries, Certificates of Deposit), real estate, precious metals, commodity funds, etc.

4. Know the investment manager. Brad Reifler’s website suggests many investors decide to hire an adviser directly, or indirectly though buying such investment vehicles as mutual funds. Before you do that, research the investment manager’s past performance, fees, and investment style.

5. Know your investment objective as Brad outlined on Twitter. Different people have different investment objectives. Some invest for the long-term (such as 20 years), others will need money in just a couple of years. Match your investments to your investing time horizon as well as risk tolerance. If, for example, you’re nearing retirement, you should not put all your money into stocks.

Controlling risk through diversification is one of the fundamental strategies in finance. And anyone can do it- it’s not just for the wealthy.  About.me has further information about Reifler’s career.

Dick DeVos Enters the Liquor Business

One of the most prestigious families in West Michigan is the DeVos family which is the proud owner of Amway Corporations. This company in Michigan has helped to spread wealth and prosperity to the community and has promoted philanthropic activities to industries such as the arts, civic, and even education. He donates large amounts through his foundation, which you can find out more about by visiting the following link >>  http://www.dbdvfoundation.org At the head of this family, Dick DeVos is a supporter of giving back to those that demonstrate hard work and the initiative to learn more. Mr. DeVos and his wife, Betsy, can be seen at many of the local functions due to the fact that they are a treasured member of the community.

Recently in news, Dick and his wife have decided to enter the liquor business. This has been reported based on the fact that the LLC has recently approved the license transfer on January 20th. Mr. DeVos’ goal is to become involved with Walter Catton III’s distillery and use his leadership skills and business experience to expand the venture. Mr. Catton is looking for partners has he has recently expanded his business by moving into a larger 9,000 square-foot property. The current goal of this distillery is to build up the company’s inventory for the upcoming Tulip Time Festival. The festival is a big deal for those on Lakeshore. 

Mr. DeVos chose to become involved with this distillery as it current distributes its product to over 100 different locations in Michigan, Illinois, as well as Colorado. This distillery can provided liquor for any event or place whether it be for a party or for a restaurant. 

With this distillery’s growing popularity, there has even been renovations to create a kitchen as well as a tasting room that can seat over 50 people. The kitchen will be used to provided appetizers that will pair nicely with the provided cocktails. This will add to the attraction of the area especially during the large festival. 

Currently Mr DeVos and Mr. Catton have both full-time as well as part-time staff employed that spend their time making whiskey, vodka, gin, as well as rum. The distillery has now even announced their plans to start creating handcrafted beers as well as wine to appease a wider range of customers. 

Mr. DeVos and his wife are excited by this new opportunity and have already devoted their time and efforts into expanding this business. They believe that a distillery is great for the community as it is something that can be done to relax and enjoy themselves and great company.

Congratulations to all the local residents and businesses who work hard to make West Michigan an incredible place to live, work, and visit!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Learn more about Dick’s life and career by visiting the following link: http://dickdevos.com/biography/

Keurig Continues A Sorrowful Decline

Coffee is the American equivalent to the British and tea, it fuels us through our harried days. Millions of people each day buy a cup of coffee every single day, but the rest of us try to watch our careless spending and prefer to make our cup of Joe at home more often than not.

That being said, when Keurig came onto the market, Jon Urbana from Denver and tons of other coffee drinkers tossed their standard drip coffeemakers and went with the trend. Unfortunately for the company, it wasn’t long before the ridiculous cost of K-cups and a substantial amount of waste involved with each cup turned consumers against the brand.

Now for the sixth straight quarter, Keurig has announced more losses. If the trend continues then the K-cup will soon become a thing of the past like the 8 track. If anyone has invested in Keurig, now is the time to sell before they bottom-up and go bankrupt.

Emergency Response In Xerem Led By Sergio Cortes

A fast and effective response to the major disasters that tend to affect the world is something the State Secretary of Health for Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Sergio Cortes understands. The response to an emergency situation by Cortes has been detailed by Extra in an article detailing the visit by the respected medical professional to the Xerem region struck by a severe flood in 2013. The article dealt with the steps taken by Cortes and the medical team he assembled to make sure the health of the people of the region was cared for in the best possible way.

As the State Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes of sergiocortesofficial has been seeking the best possible ways of informing and educating the people of Rio de Janeiro as they embark upon a number of new health issues facing the world in the 21st century. The personal Website and blogs of Sergio Cortes are updated on a regular basis to make sure the people of the world have access to the best medical advice he himself uncovers for publication. The response to emergency situations has become even more important as the Zika virus has been spread across South America at an alarming rate. Dino conducted an interview with Sergio Cortes that gave the doctor the opportunity to provide information on the Zika virus and how anybody can spot the known symptoms to receive early treatment for the illness.

In Xerem the major problems caused by the flooding of 2013 included the issues of regular water supplies being infected by flood waters and a build up of trash. Under the guidance of Cortes hydration centers were established throughout the region that allowed around 300 people each day to receive a much needed supply of clean water. The high levels of flood waters also made it almost impossible for the regular services provided by the local government to take place, which led to a growing mosquito population bringing disease to the area. In response to the natural disaster Sergio Cortes on crunchbase also ensures national agencies were involved in providing aid to the region, which included testing taking place on a regular basis and the distribution of supplies from emergency disaster kits.

Sergio Cortes can be followed on Twitter and Linkedin for the lastest tips, advice, and information.

Why Beneful High Quality Pet Food is Becoming a Top Choice

In recent news, the high quality pet food market is continuing to experience record-breaking growth. Research shows that conscientious owners are responding most to food brands like Beneful, that give their beloved pets food choices that are similar to their own dinners. In fact, Beneful is one of the only food brands that feature a variety of foods within both of its wet and dry varieties. Some of the foods include:

-Vitamin rich vegetables like green beans and carrots;

-Whole grains like barley and wheat; and

-Meats like chicken, beef, lamb and pork

Though generic dog food brands might sometimes cost less money, many pet owners are purchasing brands like Beneful, because their recipes smell and look like the type of foods they would feed their own families.

In fact, Richard Thompson, CEO of Freshpet, the only refrigerated, industrial food available throughout all major grocery stores like WalMart, Target and Kroger; physically tastes the foods Freshpet manufactures himself to guarantee freshness and full-bodied flavor. Many pet owners that serve Beneful to their pet also remark that the food looks, “Good enough to eat.”

Currently, the pet food industry rakes in approximately $23.7 billion and has grown $10.5 billion between the years of 2009 to 2015 alone. Many experts in the pet food industry also believe that healthy, wholesome, human quality food is the next wave in pet food. They believe it’s going to be what consumers expect.

Though many major brands have added ingredients to their foods like lamb, salmon or random vegetables; the top brands like Beneful, Blue Buffalo and Freshpet have taken things just one step further. And, other brands are responding in kind by producing:

-Weight loss blends;

-Recipes that feature freeze-dried berries, fruits and vegetables;

-Recipes that you would serve for dinner like hamburgers, beef stroganoff and lasagna; and

-Gourmet treats like duck jerky

One of the most exciting things about brands like Beneful is that though they feature high-end fruits, vegetables, fruits and whole grains; you can find both their wet and dry varieties at most of your favorite local stores. You can also find several recipe blends as well. Feeding your pet well has never been easier!




The Times Are A’ Changing for Wireless Programs

Wireless phone providers are facing increasing competition and are responding by bringing back unlimited data plans according to a recent article in the Rochester, MN Post-Bulletin (http://www.postbulletin.com/news/crime/are-unlimited-data-cellphone-plans-on-their-way-back/article_2e12b016-9577-578b-9beb-e62a31ddd1fd.html). AT & T is the second largest wireless provider after Verizon, and is now offering an unlimited data plan in conjunction with its DirecTV service.

Telecoms started to reduce the availability of unlimited plans a few years ago led by AT & T’s decision to do so in 2010. Verizon quickly followed a few months later. While some unlimited plans continued to exist, they often carried a pricing premium and restrictions on network speed. The second tier providers like Sprint and T-Mobile filled the gap and used unlimited plans as a marketing tool to attract customers to their services.

While if may be less expensive for a family that has a heavy demand for downloading or streaming video, single users could be better off staying with plans that have data caps. A careful review of the various options is important so you can select the right plan or provider. Analyzing any plan is an increasing complex undertaking, but choosing the wrong plan could result in an unpleasant surprise at the end of the billing cycle.

A new option available to many people is provided by a new type of telecom providers known as VMNO’s or virtual mobile network operators. These companies do not own any of the expensive infrastructure needed to provide cellular services, but instead they buy large blocks of capacity from the tradition telecoms at wholesale pricing.

One of these new VMNO’s is a company named FreedomPop and they have been shaking up the cellular market by offering free voice with limited data and texting. The California-based company has about one million subscribers and recently expanded into the United Kingdom.

In addition to purchasing large blocks of capacity, FreedomPop keeps its overhead low. For example, customer acquisition cost is measured in pennies compared to tradition telecoms since the company relies on word of mouth advertising and does not heavily subsidize device cost. Most people do not realize that their handsets actually cost an average of $700-$800, but companies discount the prices to just a couple of hundred or less in exchange for long-term commitments.

FreedomPop also sells additional services like device insurance, unlimited wi-fi and international calling plans to generate its revenues. Most subscribers will purchase two to three of these services for an average monthly bill of around $17.

Yeonmi Park’s Story of North Korea

Reason.com is one of the latest sources of information on the survivor of North Korea. Those that are familiar with her story on Daily Mail know that Yeonmi Park has underwent plenty of harrowing situations. She has also used her skill and wit in order to break free of her circumstances being trafficked. She has stood up for herself and fought successfully to be reunited with her family. Her story has shown that she has a lot of strength to break free of her oppression. When people were able to get past the shock of her story of survival, they have found themselves inspired by what she has shown. She not only fought the battle for herself, but for her mother and her father, who has died in China from cancer. Her story has not only brought attention to her, but also attention to the country of North Korea. Many people have begun to look into what is going on with North Korea. Kim Jong Un is also aware of the rule which is why he had the North Korean News government release a video with the attempt to discredit Yeonmi Park. Yeonmu is trying to make sure that her story is accurate so that she could give the oppressed and the other defectives some credibility as well. Yeonmi Park does admit to the changing of some of the details in her story in order to protect the members of her family. Some of the other issues with her story could easily be the result of her poor command of English. With her book, she has made sure that everything was accurate. She made no attempt to paint anyone in any kind of light. She has decided to tell the story as it is and let the story speak for itself. It is this honesty that gives a lot of power to her story, her character, and her attempts to bring light to the issue for other people that have gone through similar struggles. She continues to study to work as a human rights activist and help with the fight for a more humane society for people all over the globe.

Greg Hague’s Real Estate Mavericks Turn Things Around For The Market

Recently Forbes Magazine did an article on entrepreneur Greg Hague and his revolution of the real estate market for agents. The article was enlightening in that it showed just how much knowledge this one man has and how well he has the market figured out. It seems that when he started The 990 Company more than a decade ago, his world began to change in many ways. Hague was a self-made businessman in his own right, but he wanted more for himself and for other agents.

The market hasn’t changed in over 75 years and the objects of Hague’s plans are to make things more accessible for the agents. He uses simple tactics that applied to any town in America should work. One of the key points that he stated was that people are so quick to put those houses on the market; however, putting the sign in the yard doesn’t mean that they’ve done everything they can for that home. The sale of the home begins before the sign is placed in the yard. That agent needs to be calling in their contacts. Buyers feel special and are more apt to buy if they know that there is something coming on the market that is exclusive. If they are told that no one else has even seen it yet, it makes them feel like they have an advantage. People love a deal and if they think that an agent can get them one, they will stick with that agent until they make a purchase.

Hague has a law degree and is a well-established man. Up till now, his heart and passion are in the business of selling houses. He doesn’t really care about all these titles after his name, he just wants to be able to help the market. When the real estate market drops, so does the other markets in the country. They are all interconnected and important. However, when he created The 990 Company, he changed history. Historically, buyers and sellers don’t really work together to sell a home. Yet, this site gives them the chance and if the seller comes through with a buyer for the home, the reward is they only have to pay $990 in commission. So the realtor may loose on that sale, but the fact that this is one of the biggest sites in the world is a win-win.

The Scottsdale, Arizona native still calls this area home. It doesn’t matter how much money he makes or who knows his name, his family and friends know him as Greg and he will always keep his roots in this town. His classes at his new company The Real Estate Mavericks are helping many, but they have enhanced the market in his hometown immensely.

Information About Former CCMP Capital CEO Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray was an individual who was dedicated to the success of the business that he ran. As the CEO of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, he was able to provide clients with the best of the best when it came to their business and the way that it was run. He ensured that all of the clients of CCMP Capital were satisfied with the service that they received. He made sure to always include the employees in decisions about the company and always made sure that they knew what they were talking about before they made the decision to present a business idea to any of the company’s customers.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a company that is dedicated only to the clients that it serves. The company makes sure that the clients are happy and satisifed with the service proided by always ensuring they have the experts on each industry, they have the partners that will make clients happy and the management experience necessary to be able to run a business accordingly.

In any industry, someone with expertise will always be necessary when being advised on what to do about a situaiton concerning the business. By having a firm that knows what they are talking about and one that has a large amount of experience and knowledge on the industry, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on Linked In is able to guarantee that they know the most out of any consulting firm about different parts of each industry. They are able to help their clients by maintaining a strong level of knowledge and always ensuring that they can help them with any advice that they may need.

With partners around the globe, CCMP Capital works to make sure taht they have what it takes to give the most to their clients. They want to make sure that their partners know what they are all about and they do their best to educate their partners about the decisions that are made regarding their clients. There are many reasons that they do this, but among the best are the need to make sure that the clients are taken care of no matter who is taking care of them, whether it be CCMP or one of the many business partners that they have.

The firm is so dedicated to their clients that they actually have a service that allows them to take over the management aspect of their client’s businesses. Should the client need to have someone help them with management, CCMP Capital is able to provide you with the information that the business needs to be able to run properly. By choosing a firm like CCMP Capital, a business is able to ensure that their management will always be taken care of.